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Dec 26, 2010

Species Close-Up: Steller’s Eider

Izembek National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, and one of the challenging activities taking place at this beautiful and important refuge is the protection and recovery of the endangered Steller’s eider. Steller’s eiders are the smallest eiders in size and are restricted to northern latitudes where they breed in freshwater […]

Dec 06, 2009

Species Close-Up: Florida Panther

The Florida panther is one of the most critically endangered large mammals in the United States with about 100 cats remaining. According to the Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge: Although we call them Florida panthers, these shy cats once roamed throughout the entire Southeast from east Texas to the Atlantic and north to parts […]

Dec 13, 2008

Species Close-Up: Marbled Murrelet

The endangered marbled murrelet is a small, chubby seabird that is a relative of the puffin and nests high up in the branches of large trees among coniferous coastal forests (often old growth forests that are targets of the logging industry) from central California to Alaska. The marbled murrelet winters at sea — using its […]

Dec 22, 2007

Species Close-Up: American or Christmas Holly

The American holly — or Christmas holly — is a native evergreen in the United States and is loved by humans and wildlife alike. The story goes that when the pilgrims landed in North America, they noticed the American holly tree, and it reminded them of English holly, which was a popular symbol of Christmas […]

Oct 18, 2007

Species Close-Up: Whooping Cranes

At five feet tall, Whooping cranes are the tallest birds in North America and are also the rarest and most endangered of the world’s 15 crane species. Adults are white in color with black wing tips; immature birds are cinnamon colored until they begin to grow their white feathers. Whoopers are omnivorous, eating food such […]