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Apr 05, 2013

Important Role of Environmental Education at Refuges

As the ongoing sequester threatens to close down visitor programs at refuges around the country, it’s important to consider what we could be losing. The Winona Daily News recently published a profile on Ranger Ed at the Winona district of the Upper Mississippi Natural Wildlife and Fish Refuge in Minnesota. [Ed] Lagace took his job […]

Dec 09, 2012

Sheila McCartan Wins 2012 Sense of Wonder Award

Sheila McCartan, Visitor Services Manager and Park Ranger for the Pacific Region’s Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge was honored with the 2012 Sense of Wonder Award. The Rachel Carson ‘Sense of Wonder’ Recognition Program recognizes outstanding contributions in the field of interpretation and environmental education within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Ms. McCartan was recognized […]

Nov 20, 2012

Wildlife About to Fall Off the “Fiscal Cliff”

The Cooperative Alliance for Refuge Enhancement (CARE) is a national coalition of 22 wildlife, sporting, conservation, and scientific organizations. Together, these organizations represent a national constituency numbering more than 15 million Americans. Working together, and with the support of more than 230 refuge Friends groups, CARE educates Congress, the Administration and the public about the […]

Jan 21, 2011

Photo Friday: Refuges and the Next Generation

A little inspiration for all the environmental educators out there in our National Wildlife Refuge System. This was taken at the Upper Souris NWR 75th anniversary celebration in North Dakota. This cute little girl was playing the Migration Game and learning more about migratory birds and what she can do to protect them. A conservationist […]

Dec 29, 2010

A Bird Count for Kids

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reports that a growing number of refuges are trying a new variation on the traditional National Audubon Christmas Bird Count — the Christmas/Winter Bird Count for Kids, aimed at youngsters age 8 to 18. Refuges holding bird counts for kids include Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma, John […]

Oct 11, 2010

Video Monday: A Conservation Intern at Umbagog NWR

Tylar Greene is a senior at George Washington University studying journalism and geography, and she was also a city-girl-turned-conservation-intern at Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge in New Hampshire/Maine. In this video, Tylar explains how she overcame her fear of new things during her internship experience at the refuge, and she relates how supportive the refuge staff […]

Sep 20, 2010

National Public Lands Day Photo Contest

As this blog mentioned last week, National Public Lands Day is on September 25 and there are many volunteer activities that are planned for that day (see the NPLD activities database). And now the National Public Lands Day site has announced a photo contest called “Volunteers in Action.” Participate in our Tenth Annual “Volunteers in […]