Oct 07, 2012

Patoka River NWR in Indiana Acquires 1,043 Acres

Patoka River NWRDubois-Pike County News reports that Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge in Indiana has grown by 1,043 acres:

Acquisition of this land has been a top priority for the managers of Patoka River NWR for over five years, but a deal failed to materialize. Peabody Energy ultimately agreed to sell the property to Sycamore Land Trust, who will have an agreement with the US Fish and Wildlife Service allowing the agency to manage the property as part of the refuge even though it will remain privately owned…

Most of the wetland habitat has been identified as Core Area Habitat for the federally-threatened copperbelly watersnake. A pair of bald eagles has been nesting on the property since 2001, making them the first bald eagles to nest within the refuge acquisition area since their reintroduction to Indiana. River otters and bobcats have also been documented on the property…

One of the people who worked to protect this land is Bill McCoy, manager of the Patoka River NWR for the US Fish and Wildlife Service. “For years I’ve seen this land just across the refuge boundaries and hoped to add it the refuge,” he said. “Finally we reached out to Sycamore Land Trust and with their help, we got this project done. We truly couldn’t have done it without them.”

A “Refuge Appreciation Day” was held on Saturday October 6, hosted by the Friends of Patoka River NWR and other partners.

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