Mar 28, 2011

Video Monday: Crystal Digging at Salt Plains NWR

Have you ever heard of crystal digging at the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma?

Below the plains, ground water travels through the salt-saturated sand and comes to the surface where it evaporates, leaving the crust of salt. The concentrated saline solution combines with gypsum to promote selenite crystal growth in a portion of the salt flats.

Crystal digging at the Salt Plains NWR is permitted from April 1 through October 15, sunrise to sunset. The digging area is closed from October 16 through March 31, as the entire refuge is designated critical whooping crane habitat. When collecting, no special permit is required. Collectors are permitted to remove up to 10 pounds of crystals plus one large cluster for their personal use in any one day.

Watch this video to see how to dig for crystals. Also visit the Salt Plains NWR website to learn more.



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