Nov 09, 2007

Photo Friday: Piping Plovers

The piping plover (Charadius melodus) is listed as endangered in the Great Lakes region and is listed as threatened along the Atlantic coast. The plovers return to their breeding grounds in late March or early April and use a depression in the sand for their nests. Unfortunately, the poorly protected nests are often vulnerable to predators and human activity.

You can help plovers by staying clear of nesting areas on the beach, by keeping your pets away from potential nest sites (even if on a leash), and by removing beach litter that could attract predators.

Check out the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service fact sheet on the dangers of mixing cats, dogs, and birds on the beach.

Also, visit the USFWS Piping Plover page to find a plover slide show, games, lesson plans, and information about how you can report sightings of banded plovers.

piping plovers

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